designing empires S1 E5 Β 
Web Series 1 Episode
Fantastic sams Tayler & Fabiola
Broadcast Commercial
Short Film
finding normal S1 EP4
TV Series 6 Episodes
Just Seen it - Jon Favreau "Chef"
TV Series 17 Episodes
Fantastic Sams
Broadcast Commercial
Facing Homelessness - Andrew
Fantastic Sams
Broadcast Commercial

editor - Maurizio Reggiani
TV Series 30 Episodes
The American Athlete - Curran caples
TV Series 30 Episodes
Nissan moving highways
Broadcast Commercial
Sleep number
Broadcast Commercial
Nissan sentra
Broadcast Commercial
"Centuries" - Fall out boy
Live Performance Music Video
One day in the american city
PBS Three Part Series
nissan rogue one
Broadcast Commercial
nissan rogue snake
Broadcast Commercial - Egon Zweimuller
TV Series 30 Episodes
ATTN: EP 3- George Takei
TV Series 4 Episodes
The american Athlete - Magic Johnson
TV Series 30 Episodes
Beauty Queens - Reality TV
Pilot Episode
Ashunta Sheriff working her magic,  doing hair, makeup and manicures inside an upscale beauty salon. The scene is being filmed on video with a full shot from behind them as they stand next to tables filled with cosmetics, makeup brushes, scissors and nail polish scattered everywhere.
Short Film
Orange is the new black S5 Promo
Boys Toys - Patriot campers
TV Series 1 Episode
A wide angle photo of a super lifting off road vehicle with large wheels and very high headlights, on the beach in Australia. The truck is white and grey with yellow accents. It has black steel bodywork and no windows. There's dust flying around as it lift car, it also carries two rows of lights over its hood. In front there’s one rectangular light bar illuminating under every single wheel. A glass roof box sits above all the features.
Crossed lines
Short Film
The american Athlete - Hunter Pence
TV Series 30 Episodes - Justin Peck & Ray Griffith
TV Series 30 Episodes
Walking Dead S6 Ep 8 Breakdown
New Rockstars Web Series 1 Episode
Life at the edge
Broadcast Documentary
Broadcast Promo
just seen it - Breaking Bad
TV Series 17 Episodes
The harmonist
Behind the Scenes Promo

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